I would like to be awarded Uncle of the Year, if not by “the Academy”, at least by my sisters family.  My niece and nephew were roughly 2 and 4 when I started writing for them.  They inspired me every day.  I aimed to inspire them as well.

I’m in my forties now and I’ve seen a bit of the world.  It thrills me to share my experiences and expose them to opportunities I never dreamed of as a child.  I often apply a dramatic flair and a twist of humor.  They amaze me months, even years later, when snippets of these tales appear in their thoughts and observations.

I have worked as a software developer for over twenty years.  It is my day job.  My mornings, however, are free with imagination and creativity.  I sat at the same cafe for the better part of a year, grinning like an idiot, putting these illustrations and stories together, bit by bit, as a Christmas gift for my niece and nephew.  Those mornings provided some of the most liberating and rewarding moments of my year.


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