Rattlesnake Road


An audacious little girl sets out for a wild west adventure along the dangerous rattlesnake road, armed simply with a holster full of sunflowers.


Ellie boldly makes her way along a treacherous desert canyon road. She is on a quest for the ultimate Sarsaparilla root beer float at the Scorpion Saloon, renowned as the most villainous, dangerous place in the world. Nate races along the canyon rim keeping a protective eye on his sister. He’s convinced she’s on a path toward certain doom.

Along the way, a colorful cast of characters guide them thru the perils of the unfamiliar desert. Waiting for them at the final showdown in the Scorpion Saloon, is the most rotten villain in the history of villain-hood: Eyepatch the Scorpion. A new challenge is met on each page and their sense of adventure and goodwill eventually prevail as they discover that life in the desert is not all it appears.

Agents / Publishers

I am actively seeking representation for publication.  Contact us for the full PDF or hard copy version.

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