Elephant Cloud

I don’t remember when we first caught a glimpse of the elephant cloud. Perhaps it was that warm summer day, lying on our backs, bare toes tearing at the grassy field.  The cloud rolled and drifted like a pillow and beckoned like a dream on the winds of adventure.

Today the elephant cloud peaks thru the high Cascades and smiles down on us in Bend, Oregon.  Some days it reminds us to grab a book, nestle in, and let the words carry us away.  On other days it insists we follow along and begin our own adventure.  It’s wonderfully devious that way and the elephant cloud always knows best.

Like many authors and illustrators we aim to inspire our young readers.  But more often than not, they inspire us and remind us of our own youthful energy and fresh, fond eyes.

The Rattlesnake Road was written to whet my niece and nephews appetite for travel, the outdoors, and embracing adventure.

Whisper My Name was written for the latest addition to our little family.

On the elephant cloud, our pens never dry and our sketchbooks overflow.  While we work on our next amusements, we are actively seeking collaboration with publishers and agents, as well accepting commissions on artwork.

Contact us at elephantcloudbooks@gmail.com.

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